Missing persons:
Every year more than 800,000 people are in the fib data base reported missing, 85-90% are minors.The police will only conduct a investigation for a certain amount of time than if no results are found they put it on a back burner. Thats were we come in play.We stay on the case until we get you answers, no matter how long it takes. Someone can be in the hospital, in jail, run away from home or kidnapped. let us reunite a family member for you

Cheating spouse:
Signs of a cheating spouse include an increase in unfilimier phone calls,deleting text messages and emails and improvement in grooming habits. We get you the proof you need.we understand it is a difficult situation to deal with and a hard decision to make, it may not be true but you need peace of mind.
9. fugitive recovery-we have the experience and knowledge to catch a bail jumper, 20 years plus in the industry with hundreds of arrests made nationwide. we are an experienced fugitive recover agents to track the defendant down and save you money.