We have the knowledge and experience to protect the property and contents of your estate.

We offer around the clock 7 days a week based on your security needs. Our executive protection agents will provide a comprehensive security plan that fits your family needs including a perimeter and interior screening. your plan is based upon your property specific threats in your neighborhood and lifestyle.

We use state of the art technology to insure the highest level of protection available.

Residential security:
Our families are the most important part of our lives. You must be able to relax and feel safe in your home.security guards provide a element of protection but can not watch the entire premises. We offer state of the art equipment that are a deterrent to thieves and keep an eye on children and elderly folks.  We provide professional solutions to today’s security challenges and minimize the possibility in breaches in security.

Secure transportation:
We are a premier provider of chauffeured transportation and provide the highest level of service throughout southern California. We use state of the art software to ensure the best possible route and use real time GPS to track the vehicle’s location at all times.

K9 protection:
Dogs can be the most valuable weapon with their keen sense of smell. We use retired law enforcement officers with years of experience in explosives and narcotic prevention. We work with special events and some schools and drug treatment centers. Having a k9 is one of the best deterrents for crime and theft.

Vehicle patrol:
Vehicle patrol is ideal and an effective way to keep a site safe and secure. Patrols discourage vandalism, theft and other criminal activity.