Computer and cell phone forensics:

Our specially trained staff can retrieve information from a computer to recover lost or erased data from a hard drive. We work with law enforcement agencies, attorneys and private companies throughout southern California. Another area we cover are mobile devices known as cell phones. In the past a lot of cheating spouses will try to delete data from Facebook, chats, sms messages or gps locations. A lot of parents want to double check on there children for hidden data or misuse of social media sites 2. background investigation

Background investigations:

Learn more about a individual you are considering granting access to your personal life. Avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your family safe. Find out if someone has been arrested or is a sex offender. If you are hiring a driver for your family see if they have any driving under the influence charges or excessive speeding tickets.3. bug sweep-also known as technical surveillance counter measures, requires

Bug sweeps:

Also known as technical surveillance counter measures, requires having the most advanced equipment designed to find all hidden devices. our certified employee have years of experience working in environments such as hotels, aircraft, cars and office buildings if you suspect your business or home has been compromised we are here to help you. don’t let eavesdroppers listen to vital information that is confidential. Due to advances in technology bugging has increased at a alarming rate, don’t be a victim.


You can be the best judge in chapter but you can’t read someones mind. polygraph machines are used in investigative situations like sex crimes, theft, infidelity and pre-employment. the machine can tell if someone is lying due to a increase in micro tremors, pulse rate and breathing patterns and skin don’t let people mislead you or use lies to manipulate others. 5. missing persons-every year more than 800,000 people are in the fib data base reported missing, 85-90% are minors.The police will only conduct a investigation for a certain amount of time than if no results are found they put it on a back burner. That’s were we come in play.We stay on the case until we get you answers, no matter how long it takes. Someone can be in the hospital, in jail, run away from home or kidnapped. let us reunite a family member for you 6. attorney services-we assist law firms in southern California