Attorney services:
We assist law firms in southern California every week with cases that include child custody, witness location, background checks, process service and criminal defense support

Counter surveillance:
We are experts in the area of counter surveillance, some of our services include undercover operations, fraud investigations, domestic investigations and non complete investigations.

Tenant screening:
Trusted by landlords with a full screening to assure no deadbeat renters. it takes 3-5 months to evict someone in southern California, don’t loose thousands of dollars because you saved money on a background check that was not complete. you will get a comprehensive report that will be accurate and most trusted report in the industry. we also offer on line dating information which is a must in this day and age, the fib issued a warning due to the amounts of scams and fraud. There are 40 million Americans using on line dating sites. Our company will verify the persons identify as well as location verification. social media tracking,job history and background check. Its understandable to be excited to meet someone new, but you have to be careful and smart in this day and age.

Process serving:
We are a full service agency that provides process service to law firms, residential and business locations.we will ensure all you documents will be served quickly and properly.